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March 12, 2021


3 tax preparers facing criminal charges

Tax preparation involves a lot of paperwork, mathematics, and information. As a result, many taxpayers in Texas and across the country choose to go to professional tax preparers to have their tax returns completed and filed with the IRS. Understandably, taxpayers are looking to get the best outcome for their returns as possible, and while preparers often want to help, they could face serious consequences if they are accused of providing false information on returns.

It was recently reported that three individuals in another state were charged in relation to alleged tax fraud. Two tax preparation service locations are involved with one person working at one location and a husband and wife working at the other. Apparently, the individuals have been under investigation since 2019 after undercover agents went to the locations to have tax returns prepared.

The undercover investigators purportedly received suggestions from the preparers to provide false information, including:

  • Using a false address in an effort to lower taxes
  • Using a fake IRA deduction
  • Using other fake or fabricated information for tax benefits

As a result, the three individuals were recently taken into custody and are facing charges for tax fraud and forgery. Unfortunately, tax preparers in Texas could face similar allegations, and sometimes those accusations could be meritless. In any case, parties charged with tax fraud will undoubtedly find it useful to explore their defense options in hopes of reaching the best outcome possible. Each case is different and having as much information as possible on why the allegations resulted could help build a meaningful defense.

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