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Austin, Texas, couple receives tax fraud conviction

The couple were restauranteurs who allegedly underreported their business income. A federal jury recently convicted a husband and wife of tax crimes related to the reporting of income from their restaurants. The government accused the taxpayers of skimming cash off their business receipts and underreporting their remaining income. The allegations […]


Attention taxpayers: IRS has six new compliance campaigns

The agency will focus on tax issues that taxpayers are more likely to misunderstand, not know about, improperly handle on returns or ignore. In July 2019, the IRS Large Business and International division, referred to as LB&I, announced six new tax law compliance campaigns designed not only to uncover returns […]


Skillful Defense For Tax Preparers Facing Charges

Like other professionals, tax preparers may fail to recognize anything is wrong until their offices are searched and critical information is seized by federal agents. You can’t always count on getting a phone message from a federal agent, asking for a return phone call. If you sense that something isn’t […]


CFOs Beware: Government Tax Monitoring Continues to Increase

The federal government and its agencies still have corporations and their executives, especially Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), in their sights. In particular, the IRS continues to develop rules that they hope will lead to better corporate compliance with tax laws or to uncovering aggressive tax schemes that corporations use to […]


Trustee Goes After Madoff Accountants for $900 Million

Since December 2008, when investment broker Bernard (Bernie) Madoff revealed his ponzi scheme to the FBI, investors and a court-appointed trustee have been trying to recover lost money through various legal proceedings. In the latest legal action in the Madoff saga, the trustee sued two of Madoff’s former accountants to […]