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Category: Tax Crimes

Probation and restitution ordered in Texas tax fraud case

Tax evasion charges often come in connection with charges of other financial crimes. In a recent Texas case, authorities alleged that an electrician submitted fraudulent invoices to overbill the Beaumont school district. Prosecutors also charged the man with failing to pay federal income taxes. The overbilling accusations were for a […]

Tax Crimes

Tax Shelters: An Important Part of Tax Planning

The term “tax shelter” is sometimes used pejoratively to refer to improper attempts to avoid tax. Such statements fail to make the crucial distinction between tax avoidance, on the one hand, and tax evasion on the other. Tax avoidance is perfectly legal. After all, few people want to pay more […]

Tax Crimes

Most Tax Refunds Do Not Involve Tax Fraud

On a national scale, the numbers on suspected tax fraud get a bit mind-boggling. Last year, the IRS said it identified about two million such cases. Is criminal tax fraud really that common? Or does the IRS use fraud detection systems that are overly sensitive? The high number of cases […]

Tax Crimes

Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion Are Very Different

Words matter. In human terms, it’s as simple as that. There is a very real and clear difference between tax evasion, on the one hand, and perfectly legal tax avoidance on the other. The confusion between the terms can be cleared up with proper definitions. Tax evasion is an improper […]

Tax Crimes