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Category: Tax Evasion

Can I write off my first-class plane ticket?

Anyone who’s ever flown first class to Europe knows that it makes a difference. When you are gastronomically pampered with a five-course French meal, including a cheese selection and a buttery croissant, that is also expertly paired with a 68-degree Bordeaux or bubbly Comtes Grand Cru AND you get to […]


What is a “lifestyle trigger” for the IRS?

Essentially a lifestyle is triggered when a person’s assets do not match their reported income. Through the lens of the IRS, the thinking goes something like this: If you own a mansion, a second or third vacation property, an expensive car, and a personal jet, it seems unlikely that your […]


What exactly is intent?

Intention, more times than not, is a “catch-all” criminal charge. Why? Because you do not have to prove someone actually DID something, only that they were going to do something, or acted with intention. So, the intent is not the actual doing of something, it is the mental preparation to […]


Did the new tax law stop tax evasion?

Tax laws take years to examine. Once they go into effect, there is generally a period of confusion before taxpayers fully understand the impact of the law. Take the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) as an example. The law passed a few years ago and was fully in […]

Tax Evasion

IRS targets 3 professions in 7 tax cases

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has started 2019 strong. In addition to collecting taxes in April, the agency has also already finished up seven big tax cases. These cases targeted three specific professions: Healthcare. The IRS and Department of Justice (DOJ) continue to crackdown on allegations of healthcare fraud. The government […]

Tax Evasion