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August 6, 2017


Dallas Tax Evasion Defense Attorney

Strong Defense Against Tax Fraud Charges in the U.S.

Brown, PC represents businesses and individuals facing criminal tax charges throughout the United States. Tax evasion is one of the most serious and frequently charged tax crimes in this country. We have the proven ability to defend clients against these allegations in courts in Texas and across the nation.

The best defense is a good offense. In the context of defending against criminal tax allegations, that means getting your lawyer involved as quickly as possible. The Dallas-based tax evasion defense lawyers at Brown, PC help level the playing field against the power and resources of the IRS and its law enforcement arm, the Criminal Investigations Division. Led by former U.S. Department of Justice Tax Division attorney Lawrence Brown, together with a team of experienced IRS Enrolled Agents and associate attorneys, we are uniquely positioned to help you minimize the impact of tax evasion charges or defeat the charges entirely.

Exploring All Possible Defenses to Tax Evasion Charges

There are myriad ways to defend against tax evasion allegations, and you can be confident in our mastery of all of them. Just a few examples of possible defenses in these types of cases are:

  • Advice of counsel: Many of our clients are accused of tax evasion despite their best efforts to ensure that their financial activities were all above-board. If you received advice from another tax lawyer, a CPA or another qualified tax professional, and that advice results in an IRS investigation or criminal charges, you may have a viable defense.
  • Lack of willfulness: In all criminal tax cases, the government must prove that the defendant knowingly and willfully violated the law. An honest mistake or confusion regarding a gray area of the tax law or accounting principles does not constitute criminal conduct.
  • Voluntary disclosure: Self-reporting tax violations before the IRS finds out about them can be a very effective way to avoid prosecution. The IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program and Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program allow taxpayers to come forward and report tax evasion or fraud and pay a monetary penalty. In many (but not all) cases, the IRS will then forego criminal prosecution. It is highly recommended that you obtain legal representation before approaching the IRS.
  • No tax due and owing: In tax evasion cases, the IRS may allege that the target underreported income. In many cases, this allegation is true. However, we may be able to find expenses that were not reported that offset the underreported income, resulting in a net liability of zero.

A conviction for tax evasion can change your life forever. By putting the skill and strength of the Brown PC defense team on your side, you can minimize your risk and maximize your chances of success.

Contact a Texas Tax Evasion Attorney

If you are facing criminal tax charges related to tax evasion or avoidance in Texas or anywhere in the United States, the legal team at Brown, PC is ready to defend your rights. Call 888-870-0025 or contact our Fort Worth law office online for a consultation.