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Do you need help troubleshooting tax issues?

May 29, 2021


Though many Texas residents may have breathed a sigh of relief when the tax season finally came to an end, others may still have worries on their mind. In some cases, tax issues can arise after the filing deadline, and individuals may begin to panic when trying to decide how to handle the matter. For minor issues, some simple information may help address the matter. However, others may have a more serious problem to contend with that needs swift and direct attention.

In some cases, individuals may realize that an error has occurred with a return, or they may have questions about why they owe or face a penalty. Fortunately, if taxpayers believe that they have an issue, there are some troubleshooting steps they can take themselves to see if they can handle the matter. Some steps to consider depending on the exact issue include:

  • Using the “Where’s My Refund?” tool on the IRS website if taxpayers are expecting a refund and have not received it yet
  • Checking the various online payment options available if taxpayers are concerned about how to pay what they owe
  • Double-checking employment tax withholding to ensure that employers are withholding enough taxes from paychecks throughout the year
  • Filing an amended tax return if a taxpayer made an error or forgot to include important information relating to their taxes

Of course, if individuals receive notice that they are being audited, the situation may seem more dire. Fortunately, even with an audit, the IRS may simply need more information to clarify some details on a tax return. If Texas taxpayers do not feel confident that they can handle their tax issues on their own, they may want to remember that experienced tax attorneys are available to help.