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November 8, 2013


Excavation Firms Face 996 Charges in Tax Evasion Case

Two businessmen are facing the wrath of Quebec’s revenue agency this week as the agency heaved nearly 1,000 tax evasion charges against the men and four companies. Revenue Quebec is also seeking more than $6 million in fines as well as prison sentences.

The agency has filed almost 700 charges against Gilles Gauthier and two of his companies and is seeking $4 million in fines. Revenue Quebec believes that his companies are responsible for helping other firms make false bills and claiming credits and refunds on those amounts. The provincial tax agency alleges false billing was done on behalf of a company owned by former Quebec construction magnate Tony Accurso.

Accurso was charged separately in June with more than 900 charges. The majority of his construction company was sold to a consortium earlier this year

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