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January 5, 2017


Fringe Benefits Attorney

As part of its increased focus on bringing to light areas of under-taxation dating to late 2009, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) pledged to closely review tax returns of 6,000 businesses. This close examination of business tax filings has been undertaken with the intention of studying areas of compliance and noncompliance in areas such as payroll taxes, worker classification and fringe benefits.

Stated goals of the IRS have included a reduction of tax gaps that have traditionally fallen through the cracks and a reduction in employee misclassification. In addition, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has been attempting to ensure benefits coverage and labor protection for workers that come with employee status, as opposed to independent contractor status.

Fringe benefits have been a special area of focus of this compliance study and audit initiative. Executive fringe benefits that the IRS is looking at have included housing, use of a company car, discounted property or services, gift cards, meal reimbursements, fitness club memberships, life insurance and retirement accounts. The IRS recognizes that this is an area of employment-generated income that has been overlooked and abused by many companies and individuals looking for tax breaks and loopholes.

Fringe Benefits Lawyer Headquartered in Texas · Employer Tax Audit Initiative Representation

Lawrence Brown, a former trial lawyer for the Department of Justice Tax Division, brings more than 20 years of experience in tax law to your company’s audit case. As necessary, he can assemble a panel of tax experts such as CPAs, auditors and former IRS agents to develop a winning strategy to help your company face the IRS with confidence.

Brown, PC, serves individuals and businesses in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex, statewide in Texas, in Washington, D.C., and nationwide. Is your business facing an IRS audit? Lawyer Lawrence Brown at 888-870-0025 offers confidential consultations about impending or ongoing IRS audits or appeals.

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