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January 23, 2014


Ilala Police Chief Vows to Get to the Bottom of Tax Evading Container Scandal

Mireitha Minangi, Ilala’s Regional Police Commander vowed to investigate claims that Burgurini police officers have denied Tanzania Revenue Authority access to a container belonging to Gongo la Mboto Baptist Church that is believed to have evaded tax.

Minangi made it clear in an interview with the ‘Daily News’ that her office has not received the TRA letter but admitted she is familiar with the case.

“Who did they (TRA) write to? I have not received the letter,” Minangi stated.

She promised to give up an update later in the week. Buguruni police officers came to possess a container filled with various electronic products, home appliances, and clothes donated by Australian African Aid through Rotary Club of Perth. The package was in the process of being offloaded at Gongo la mboto Baptist church late last year. The container is said to have a value of $1,271.50.

Patrick Kissaka, TRA Commissioner for Domestic Revenue, has attempted to inspect the package himself but his efforts have been unsuccessful. “We wrote them officially but so far they have not given us the container for re-examination,” Mr. Kissaka said.

Kissaka believes that most of the contents were computers and accessories which are tax exempt. While presenting the government budget to Parliament, Finance Minister, Dr. William Mgimwa, made clear his focus to put an end to tax evasion and exemptions.

Investigations by the ‘Daily News’ revealed that the container belonged to the Baptist Church and the majority of its contents were grossly undervalued.

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