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August 29, 2017


Internal Revenue Code – Criminal Enforcement

Dallas IRS Defense Lawyer

The IRS is aggressive in rooting out tax fraud through criminal enforcement of certain provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). If the IRS initiates an investigation, sees it through to the end and decides to prosecute, the potential penalties for the target are extremely serious.

At Brown, PC, we defend individual and corporate clients against criminal charges stemming from violations of the IRC. Our firm is made up of many attorneys who worked for the IRS before entering private practice. Founding attorney Lawrence Brown was a trial attorney for the Tax Division of the Department of Justice, where one of his responsibilities was to decide which tax cases were prosecuted. We have four IRS Enrolled Agents on staff, who bring more than 100 years of combined IRS experience to every case. All of this means we are a firm uniquely equipped to defend you or your business against allegations that you violated the law.

Areas of Emphasis for the IRS

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID), the law enforcement arm of the IRS, devotes massive amounts of time, money and energy into enforcing Section 26 of the IRC, which contains most of the criminal aspects of the Code. Some areas that CID is particularly interested in are:

  • Fraud by tax return preparers
  • Abusive tax schemes, which may include the use of offshore accounts
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Employment tax fraud
  • Corporate fraud, especially by large publicly traded entities
  • Illegal gambling
  • Fraud by banks, savings and loans and other financial institution

Invariably, these matters are complex. They require sophisticated analysis of voluminous amounts of dense financial information. At Brown, PC, this is our area of focus. If you are under IRS investigation, do not hesitate to enlist us to help protect your rights against the power of the federal government.

Contact a Texas IRS Tax Lawyer

If you are involved in a criminal tax matter, you need a strong legal team by your side. Call Brown, PC at 888-870-0025 to learn how we can help you deal with IRS criminal enforcement. You can also contact our Fort Worth law office online.