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November 2, 2018


IRS reminds tax preparers to renew PTINs for 2019

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently reminded tax preparation professionals to renew their Preparer Tax Identification Numbers (PTINs) for 2019. The IRS states current PTINs expire on December 31, 2018.

How do I renew my PTIN? Tax preparation professionals that currently hold a PTIN or are looking to apply for a number can complete the renewal process online. The agency also provides a paper application options. However, the IRS anticipates the paper application will take the agency an estimated four to six weeks to process.

Those who are requesting a PTIN for the first time will need to provide various pieces of documentation as part of the application process. This can include the use of information from previous income tax returns, a passport, driver’s license, or national card.

Will I get the same number? the IRS uses a system that will check for a PTIN that matches the social security number provided by the applicant renewing his or her number. If the PTIN is in active status, it will likely be renewed under the same number.

There are some circumstances that could result in a different number. In addition to not having an active PTIN, other factors including a failure to provide additional information as requested by the IRS could lead to a new number.

Why do I need to renew my PTIN? Those without a current PTIN cannot file tax returns on behalf of their clients. Any attempt to do so can result in penalties.

Tax preparers that face allegations of wrongdoing like preparation of returns without an active PTIN have options. An attorney experienced in representing tax preparers can review the allegations and discuss your options.