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CFOs Beware: Government Tax Monitoring Continues to Increase

The federal government and its agencies still have corporations and their executives, especially Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), in their sights. In particular, the IRS continues to develop rules that they hope will lead to better corporate compliance with tax laws or to uncovering aggressive tax schemes that corporations use to […]


Surprise! 10 million taxpayers get an unexpected penalty.

10 million taxpayers recently received an unexpected penalty by the IRS. The problem? These taxpayers underpaid their estimated taxes. When does a tax penalty apply? Essentially, a penalty may apply if a taxpayer does not pay 90 percent of his or her tax obligations throughout the year. The penalty applies to […]


Proposed Tax Changes Finding Resistance

Early proposed ideas to cut personal tax rates and simplify the income tax filing process have already garnered vocal resistance from several key interest groups. Supporters of the proposal to double the standard deduction – a move that is expected to make tax easier by limiting the number of individual […]

IRS Tax Collection

Trustee Goes After Madoff Accountants for $900 Million

Since December 2008, when investment broker Bernard (Bernie) Madoff revealed his ponzi scheme to the FBI, investors and a court-appointed trustee have been trying to recover lost money through various legal proceedings. In the latest legal action in the Madoff saga, the trustee sued two of Madoff’s former accountants to […]



Tax Controversies and Tax Planning: I am a retired IRS Special Agent (Criminal Investigation Division), now working as a financial investigator in the private sector. When I was with the government, I worked against Mr. Brown on a number of high profile tax and white collar criminal cases. After retiring […]


Tax Reform Difficult But Desperately Needed

The tax code is, in a word, complex. It is thousands of pages long, with millions of different entries representing credits, deductions, exemptions, reporting mandates, caveats, loopholes and more. Legislators across the political aisle all agree that significant tax reform is desperately needed by Americans of all economic strata, but […]

IRS Tax Collection

Washington, D.C., Tax Litigation

Taking a tax dispute to court is not usually the first choice for our clients or for Brown, PC. Our objective, whenever possible, is to bring about as favorable a resolution as possible, as early in a case as possible. An out-of-court settlement saves time and money, preserves a client’s […]


United States Administrative Forfeiture Lawyer

Under the Tariff Act of 1930, 19 U.S.C. § 1607, administrative forfeiture permits the federal government to forfeit property without judicial involvement. This forfeiture functions as a penalty for individuals whose property was allegedly involved with criminal activity. Law enforcement agencies have great power to handle administrative forfeitures, and there […]


Washington, D.C., Criminal Tax Matters

If you are charged with a criminal tax matter in the Washington, D.C., area, a prison sentence is a real possibility. It is, therefore, of utmost importance for you to take any rumors or investigations seriously and get legal counsel in the earliest stages of a potential criminal tax-related case. […]


The Law Enforcement Arm of the IRS

Understanding and Resolving IRS Criminal Matters The Internal Revenue Service has its own law enforcement unit, known as the Criminal Investigation Division (CID). CID is a powerful force within the IRS, charged with the task of investigating potential criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code and any financial crimes related […]