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August 3, 2017


Possible Criminal Tax Violations

The Worst-Case Result of a Civil Audit

Undergoing an IRS audit is a very stressful time for any individual or business. The possibility of heavy fines and other civil penalties hangs over your head until the matter is resolved. If, however, the auditor should uncover fraud or suspects other criminal activity, the situation becomes even more serious.

The auditor may decide to refer the matter to the IRS Criminal Investigation Division – the law enforcement arm of the IRS – for further criminal tax investigation and possible prosecution. The average sentence for tax crimes is 48 months. Therefore, it is critical that you seek representation from a strong team of criminal tax defense lawyers who know how to handle these high-stakes cases.

If you or your business is undergoing an audit, Brown, PC is the kind of law firm you can turn to for true full-service tax advice and representation. Not only do we skillfully handle all IRS audits and appeals, we are one of the few firms in the country capable of dealing with all potential criminal tax charges stemming from audits. Our Texas lawyers, along with a full team of IRS Enrolled Agents, are known for intelligent, creative and aggressive defense of taxpayers in Texas and across the country. High net worth individuals and companies of all sizes turn to us when threatened with IRS criminal action.

Types of Criminal Tax Violations

Our legal team is equipped to defend you or your business against all types of criminal tax charges, including:

The earlier you seek out our help, the better the outcome is likely to be. We will begin our investigation, marshal our own team of experts and make sure you understand your constitutional rights as they apply to interactions with the IRS Criminal Investigation Division.

Contact a Fort Worth Criminal Tax Violations Attorney

If you are worried that an audit may uncover potentially criminal activity or if you are already facing criminal tax charges, the defense team at Brown, PC is ready to help. Call 888-870-0025 or contact our Texas tax evasion law firm online for a confidential initial consultation. We defend taxpayers in Texas and across the United States.