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Resolving Criminal Penalties For Tax Preparers

January 14, 2017


As a tax return preparer accused of filing false or fraudulent returns, you could face prison time if convicted, as well as serious financial penalties.

At Brown, PC, we can explain what these penalties generally are and how they may affect you. Using 20 years of experience, we can help you work to avoid or reduce the potential criminal penalties you face. Give us a call today to discuss your specific situation in a confidential consultation.

What Types Of Charges Are You Facing?

At Brown, PC, we effectively defend return preparers accused of filing false or fraudulent tax returns. This includes:

We also help tax preparers resolve issues concerning criminal restitution.

Giving You Our A-Game

Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Washington, D.C., the lawyers at Brown, PC, are dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our clients. Our work often begins with a candid conversation. We then conduct an in-depth investigation into all the facts and laws related to the charges you face. We assemble an “A-Team” of firm paralegals, former IRS agents, forensic accountants and other experts, assigning tasks to each team member for a thorough investigation.

This defense strategy allows us to achieve the best possible results for our clients at all stages of criminal tax cases: administrative and grand jury investigations, pretrial negotiations, jury trials, sentencing hearings and post-conviction litigation.

Ready To Consult With You On Criminal Tax Matters

Contact attorney Lawrence Brown to schedule a consultation regarding criminal charges alleging attempts to evade or defeat tax. We represent clients in Texas, nationwide and worldwide. Call us at 888-870-0025 or contact us online to discuss your legal concerns in a confidential consultation with an attorney.