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October 15, 2015


Responding to an IRS summons

A great deal can be at stake for a person when they are the subject of a tax investigation by the Internal Revenue Service. Thus, an under-investigation taxpayer may feel a great deal of fear and worry about the whole investigative process.

One of the actions the IRS will sometimes take when investigating a taxpayer in relation to an alleged tax issue is issuing a summons to the taxpayer. Receiving a summons can be a very intimidating thing. It could leave a taxpayer feeling panicked.

Panic sometimes leads to knee-jerk reactions. It can be important to avoid such reactions when it comes to a summons. An IRS-issued summons is not something to be dealt with haphazardly. Rather, a summons response is something that should be handled with care. Mistakes made when responding to a summons could have serious implications for a taxpayer, both in the near future and father out.

There are a variety of complex rules and factors that can impact what options are available for responding to an IRS summons and what effects the different options could have. Thus, a skilled tax attorney’s guidance can be a very valuable tool when trying to decide what to do in response to an IRS summons or summons enforcement proceedings.

Our firm can provide legal help in relation to a wide range of different complicated tax matters, include IRS summons matters. Our tax law experience and knowledge on complicated tax issues is considerable. We can help individuals who have received an IRS summons with developing a summons response strategy tailored to their circumstances.