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December 13, 2013


Spanish Prime Minister’s Closest Ally Convicted of Tax Evasion

Former regional leader for the ruling Popular Party in Castellon, Carlos Fabra, of eastern Spain was found guilty on four counts of tax evasion and ordered to pay a fine of €693,000 on top of the amount he already owed. Luckily for Fabra, he was acquitted of accepting bribes and influence peddling to end a ten-year-investigation.

Fabra had a reputation of extravagant public spending projects during his 20 years as provincial president. Fabra oversaw projects like the controversial white elephant costing nearly €150 million in the Castellon airport.

Mr. Fabra insists that he will appeal his sentence. The sentencing won’t sit well with the Popular Party in light of recent allegations of corruption. Mr. Rajoy of the Popular Party described Mr. Fabra as “an exemplary citizen” all while he was under investigation. The party has since distanced itself from the former president of the Castellon region.

“He has not held any position in the party for some time,” Maria Dolores de Cospedal, the PP deputy leader told reporters following the ruling on Monday.

The Spanish citizens are in no mood for corruption, as the country battles a double dip recession and unemployment of 26 percent with deep cuts to austerity. The political elite are finding it hard to relate.

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