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June 5, 2021


Tax fraud, other serious charges brought against former treasurer

Holding a job in a position of power can often mean that a person comes under greater scrutiny than others. When a person holds a job that involves handling financial aspects of a business, city, or other entity, that individual could be the first to come under suspicion when financial issues come up. Unfortunately, depending on the nature of the ordeal, an individual could face serious criminal charges, like tax fraud, if authorities believe the evidence points in that direction. 

Texas readers may be interested in a case involving fraud charges against a former city treasurer in another state. According to reports, allegations relating to tax fraud and failure to file tax returns were recently brought against the individual. These are not the first financial-related charges to come against this person as 14 other charges were filed against him last year, including embezzlement and other allegations. 

Some of the specific activities that he stands accused of include: 

  • Not filing tax returns in 2017, 2018 and 2019 
  • Filing tax returns that claimed false business losses led to his receiving a tax refund that he would not have received without the false information 
  • Stealing funds from customers at a bank he was previously employed at before becoming the city treasurer 

If the man is convicted of tax fraud and other allegations, he could face substantial penalties, including over $6 million in fines and nearly 175 years in prison. Undoubtedly, this man wants to defend against the allegations he faces, and gaining information on his legal rights and options will likely prove beneficial. If Texas residents find themselves facing fraud charges relating to taxes, they will probably want to ensure that they understand their defense options as well. 

Tax Fraud