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January 1, 2021


Tax season is here, which means a chance for an audit notice

The new year is here, and while many Texas residents undoubtedly hope that it is a better year than last, there are still certain unavoidable obligations to address. In particular, it is time to think about taxes. Whether individuals choose to file early or wait until closer to the final due date, it is possible for anyone to receive notice from the Internal Revenue Service after filing. For most people, an audit notice can bring on considerable anxiety.

Mail from the IRS can cause anyone to immediately start going trying to figure out what went wrong. Before the notice is even opened, the feeling that a possibility of facing serious trouble with the government surfaces. Fortunately, IRS notices are not always reasons to panic. In fact, it may be a simple request for more information to clarify a detail of the filed return.

It is also important to remember that even if the IRS sends a notice regarding a mistake or concern, it does not necessarily mean that the fault lies with the taxpayer. IRS agents are not free from making errors themselves, and an agent or outside party going over a return could easily make a math error, read a line incorrectly, look at the wrong return or make numerous other mistakes that could result in an audit notice. In most cases, this type of issue can be cleared up relatively easily.

If Texas taxpayers receive an audit notice from the IRS, they may not immediately understand what the problem is. In these cases, it is typically wise to take the letter to a tax professional and discuss what the issue is and how it may have come about. Individuals facing this type of predicament may want to have tax attorneys on their side who could correspond with the IRS on their behalf and defend them in an audit if necessary.