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United Steel Company Denies Tax Evasion Claim

November 20, 2013


The management of United Steel Company Limited has refuted claims that the company evaded $86,059,463 in taxes, and instead suggests that the allegation made by the presidential task force through the media was meant to drag the names of reputable companies through the mud.

A statement issued by the company suggests that the task force did not look into the matter thoroughly before going public. The company suggests that data on which the task force based its statement showed that three of the entries made against United Steel belonged to another company, and that three additional entries were repetition against it (United Steel).

The statement then went on to give a thorough report of its records, verified by the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA), and showed that everything the company had utilized from the bonded warehouse had been paid for in full. It also went on to show that, in fact, United Steel is one of the highest tax paying companies to the GRA.

With a solid defense built, United Steel urged the GRA to do due diligence before issuing statements intended to tarnish the reputation of a reputable company doing genuine business.


Tax Evasion