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June 26, 2018


White Collar Criminal Defense

Federal Fraud Charges Dismissed Against Attorney/Entrepreneur. Jury Acquits Of State Fraud Charges:

We were hired to represent a licensed attorney turned entrepreneur in a federal fraud investigation. The right team of experts and a diligent, proactive approach paid off, and we persuaded federal prosecutors to dismiss the case.

State prosecutors filed charges, and following a trial, a jury acquitted our client of all charges.

Auto Industry Executive Targeted In Fraud Investigation — Prosecution Declined:

An auto industry executive was targeted in a fraud investigation and faced multiple counts, including mail fraud and wire fraud related to accounting practices.

We assembled a team that included industry and accounting experts and former IRS agents. We reviewed the transactions and accounting entries at issues and uncovered a number of significant weaknesses in the government’s case. Skillful negotiation and presentation persuaded the government to decline prosecution.

Business Man Targeted In FBI Insider Trading Probe — Prosecution Declined:

A business man first learned that he was the target of an insider trading probe when FBI agents appeared at his business and requested that he speak with them. Wisely, he politely refused and immediately engaged our firm to represent him.

We began by thoroughly debriefing our client regarding his trading activity, strategies and tactics. Next, our team carefully reviewed all relevant trading records and compiled the public information that our client relied upon in making the trades at issue.

We met with agents and prosecutors early in the case, and showed that for each of the trades at issue, our client relied upon public information, and not material nonpublic information.

The government did not charge our client. By working diligently and proactively, we were able to achieve the most favorable possible result for our client in an efficient and economical manner.

High Profile Entrepreneur Targeted For Structuring, Money Laundering And Tax Evasion — Sentenced To Two Years’ Probation:

A successful and high profile entrepreneur was the target of a multi-agency federal criminal investigation and faced hundreds of counts of structuring monetary transactions, as well as multiple counts of money laundering and tax evasion.

We were engaged at the early stages of this investigation and quickly assembled the relevant documents, including bank records, business records and tax returns. Our team of attorneys, forensic accountants and former federal agents reviewed and analyzed the documents and interviewed witnesses.

We met with agents and prosecutors on a number of occasions and showed the government that our client had indeed paid income tax on earnings. Next, we negotiated a plea agreement which called for our client to plead guilty to a single count of failure to file Form 8300, rather than be charged with the multiple counts of structuring and money laundering that the government had been contemplating.

Our client entered a plea of guilty to the single count and the government agreed to bring no other charges.

The pre-sentence report called for an imprisonment range of 30 to 37 months. We filed a motion requesting a sentence below the bottom of the guideline range and presented evidence showing our client’s extraordinary character at the sentencing hearing. Our client was sentenced to two years of probation.

Business Owner Acquitted Of Structuring Monetary Transactions And Multiple Money Laundering Counts:

Our client was charged in the United States District Court with structuring monetary transactions and multiple counts of money laundering. These charges formed the basis for a criminal asset forfeiture count which the government sought $14,000,000 of our client’s assets.

In this highly contested case, our team assembled and analyzed rooms full of documents relating to our client’s multiple businesses. We interviewed numerous witnesses and created a compelling trial presentation.

After determining our theory of the case and creating our defense case in chief, we held two mock trials during which we presented our case to mock jurors and listened to their feedback. Following each mock trial, we had a team of jury consultants deliver a report outlining the key strategic implications from the mock juror input. We carefully evaluated the input from the mock jurors and jury consultants, made adjustments to our strategy and fine-tuned our defense presentation.

Attention to detail paid off and our client was acquitted of these very serious charges. Acquittal on the structuring and money laundering charges prevented the government from gaining $14,000,000 in assets through a criminal forfeiture count.

Attorney Turned Entrepreneur Targeted In Multi-Agency Federal Fraud Investigation — Prosecution Declined Then Charged At State Level — Acquitted After Trial:

An entrepreneur was targeted in a multi-agency federal fraud investigation and faced multiple counts of mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering.

We were engaged early and conducted our own investigation. Next, we had a series of meetings with prosecutors and agents and convinced the U.S. attorney’s office to decline prosecution.

State authorities indicted our client and we immediately began trial preparation. Diligence and strategy paid off and our client was acquitted following a state trial.

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