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Category: Audits

2 errors that could trigger an IRS audit

Many people here in Fort Worth and elsewhere make mathematical mistakes on their income tax returns. Those types of errors do not ordinarily trigger an IRS audit. Instead, oversights and overly deducting tend to bring a person’s tax return to the attention of the nation’s taxing authority. Below are two […]


Government tells IRS to increase audits of tax preparers

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) recently released a report that led to some negative publicity for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The report shows the IRS failed to hold over 30,000 tax return professionals accountable for their own tax bills. What was this report? The report focused […]


3 tips to help manage tax debt

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently announced measures aimed to help reduce taxpayers’ financial burden when it comes to their tax bills. These measures include: Measure #1: Installment Agreements. The agency has stated that it will suspend tax payments for those who have an existing installment agreement from April through […]


IRS takes Facebook to court, again

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is trying, yet again, to hold Facebook accountable for tax obligations in the United States. If successful, the IRS could claim more than $9 billion dollars in tax payments. The most recent courtroom battle between the federal agency and the social media platform is just […]


Tax season isn’t what it used to be

The tax season has extended beyond the rush at spring to get returns filed by April 15. Key reasons include: Extensions. Due to tax reform and difficulty understanding the new rules, a number of taxpayers requested extensions. This resulted in a drawn-out busy season for tax preparation professionals and taxpayers who file […]


3 FAQs about tax audits

As we prepare for the new year, taxpayers throughout the country are likely getting things in order for their tax filings. While gathering these documents, some may find themselves wondering what happens if they mess up. Will it lead to an audit? The following will delve into three of the […]