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Category: Tax Crimes

‘Structuring’ suspicions and seized assets: An IRS about-face?

Under the Bank Secrecy Act, $10,000 is the threshold amount for triggering various reporting requirements for cash transactions. The law is supposed to deter money laundering by big-time drug dealers, organized crime figures or terrorist groups. Far too often, however, federal authorities accuse ordinary citizens of “structuring” their transactions, i.e., […]

Tax Crimes

New tool for criminal investigations: stingrays

The IRS continues to struggle with budget cuts, but it is far from toothless. In fact, the agency recently began using nasty new tools that can track cell phone location data by mimicking cell towers. These tools are called “stringrays” or cell-site simulators. Last week, the IRS commissioner went before […]

Tax Crimes

US Authorities Indict FIFA Officials, Seek Extradition

The Department of Justice has unsealed a 47 count indictment against 14 individuals related to allegations of FIFA corruption, including charges of tax fraud, money laundering, wire fraud, and racketeering. As part of the alleged conspiracy spanning 25 years, the co-conspirators used false consulting agreements to disguise the illicit payment […]

Tax Crimes