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Category: Tax Crimes

Tax preparer faces 3 years prison time for fraudulent tax claims

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) accused an owner and operator of a tax return preparation business of filing fraudulent tax returns. What are the charges against the tax preparation business owner? The agency alleged the business owner increased unreimbursed job expenses, medical expenses, dental expenses and even created “wholly fictitious” side […]

Tax Crimes

Texas tax return preparer accused of fraud

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) keeps a close watch over tax preparers. IRS-Criminal Investigation agents are on watching for professionals who fraudulently inflate deductions or attempt to take unallowable credits. IRS agents work to gather evidence to build a case against those who are accused of committing fraud within this profession. A […]

Tax Crimes

Underreporting business income can lead to prison time

Fraudulent business tax returns can come with prison time. That is the message the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is trying to send with two recent cases. The federal agency recently sentenced three different individuals to imprisonment for errors on their corporate tax returns. How did corporate tax errors lead to […]

Tax Crimes

Criminal Charges for Return Preparer Fraud

A tax return preparer is any individual who accepts payment for preparing “all or a substantial portion of a tax return or claim for refund under … the Internal Revenue Code.” Making a little more income over tax season by preparing returns for family and friends could put you into […]

Tax Crimes