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Category: Tax Crimes

4 common triggers for criminal tax investigations

Getting investigated by the IRS is every taxpayer’s – and tax preparer’s – nightmare. When the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IRS gets involved, you know it’s serious. An investigation could lead to federal criminal charges for fraud, tax evasion, or other crimes. How do these investigations happen? Put […]

Tax Crimes

Suspected tax fraud case could be one of the biggest

Trying to pull one over on the Internal Revenue Service by providing false information is not advisable. However, numerous people every year stand accused of providing false information to the IRS in hopes of gaining higher refunds, owing less in their tax obligation, or receiving some other type of benefit. […]

Tax Crimes

Allegedly unpaid employment tax leads to tax fraud charges

Employers have many financial responsibilities, and many of those obligations revolve around paying taxes. If an employer fails to pay the proper employment taxes or other business-related taxes, it is possible for that individual to come under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service. If the IRS believes that intentional wrongdoing […]

Tax Crimes

Celebrity model pleads guilty to tax evasion

Israeli model and television personality Bar Refaeli recently agreed to sign a plea bargain agreement to settle a long-standing tax dispute against the top model and her family. The terms of the agreement include 16 months imprisonment for the celebrity’s mother and nine months of community service for the model. […]

Tax Crimes

Are tax havens illegal?

A tax haven is essentially an offshore financial institution with low or no taxes known for confidentiality. Individuals can use these financial institutions to set up businesses. Examples of areas that can meet this definition include the state of Delaware, the Cayman Islands, Dubai and the Netherlands. How do taxpayers […]

Tax Crimes