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February 17, 2021


Defense preparation vital when facing tax fraud charges

Being considered a suspect in a crime is not a matter to take lightly. At the first sign of suspicion, it is often beneficial for individuals to understand what may have led authorities to suspect the person of a crime, the type of alleged crime involved and available legal options. Preparing as early as possible could help individuals accused of tax fraud find the most viable defense path available for a, hopefully, favorable outcome.

Texas readers may be interested in the recent arrest of one out-of-state woman accused of tax-related crimes. Apparently, the woman is a tax preparer, and allegedly, she used information from legitimate business tax returns she had filed in order to file fraudulent tax returns in efforts to obtain greater tax refunds for multiple clients as well as herself. It was not mentioned how much money may have been garnered from these purported actions or whether the clients knew of the false information filed on their behalf.

Now, the woman is facing multiple criminal charges, including:

  • Filing false tax returns, four counts
  • Fraudulent schemes and artifices
  • Forgery, four counts

The woman issued a statement asserting her innocence as it pertains to the arrest and charges. Still, she and any Texas residents facing tax fraud allegations may find it useful to go into their cases with the intention of presenting a meaningful defense. Even if a person believes that he or she is innocent, disputing the evidence of the prosecution could go a long way in potentially avoiding a conviction and the possible consequences that could come with such an outcome.

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