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January 25, 2021


Federal judge rules that tax fraud case will move forward

Some people may feel targeted or attacked when they come under investigation for a crime. Unfortunately, no matter a person’s feelings regarding the situation, it is still one that must be faced and dealt with as best as possible. In some cases, those feelings could help create part of a criminal defense. When a person is facing tax fraud charges, exploring every avenue of defense may be wise.

Texas readers may be interested in a tax fraud case involving a district attorney-elect in a nearby state. According to reports, he and his law partner are both accused in the case, which alleges that false tax documents were submitted to the IRS in efforts to avoid over $200,000 in taxes. In June of last year, a grand jury indicted both parties on 11 counts of charges relating to tax law violations, such as conspiracy to defraud the United States and others.

The indictment took place while the man was a city councilman, and he believes that his role as someone in public office made him a target. The two individuals pled not guilty to the allegations and hoped to have the charges dismissed as they claimed the allegations violated their constitutional rights. However, the federal judge involved in the case denied the motion to have the case dismissed.

Allegations of tax fraud can be frustrating in the least and have detrimental effects on a person’s life at the most. If Texas residents end up in a predicament where they are under investigation or have already had charges brought against them for fraud, it is crucial that they understand their legal options. A meaningful defense could help those accused obtain a favorable outcome.

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