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December 14, 2020


Man facing tax fraud charges after allegedly changing records

When the Internal Revenue Service suspects issues with tax returns, that suspicion can sometimes lead to more than just an audit. In some cases, the IRS may believe that a person attempted to commit tax fraud, and criminal charges could result if the agency believes there is evidence of such wrongdoing. Unfortunately, that can mean that an individual or multiple parties end up needing to defend themselves against the allegations.

Texas readers may be interested a criminal case in another state involving these types of charges. According to reports, a 47-year-old man is currently facing fraud-related charges after allegedly helping his employer illegally alter company records. Apparently, the man worked on the bookkeeping records for the company and modified personal spending records to make them seem like business expenses in order for the company to owe less in taxes.

The specific charges the man is facing include conspiracy to defraud the IRS and multiple counts of aiding and abetting the preparation and filing of false income tax returns. It was noted that if convicted, the man could face up to 14 years in prison and a fine of $1 million. The man’s employer is also facing various charges in relation to the suspected fraud, including filing false tax returns, bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the IRS, and more.

The consequences of a tax fraud conviction are nothing to brush off. If individuals in Texas are facing such accusations from the IRS, it may be in their best interests to gain information on the charges themselves as well as their available defense options. Because each case has its own unique aspects, preparation for defense can depend on the specific circumstances.

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