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IRS Announces Increase in Number of Audits

No one in Texas hopes to get a notification telling them their tax return is being audited. The very mention of an audit is dreaded by most people. Not only that, but if an audit is not handled properly, it can be extremely stressful and sometimes result in an even bigger tax […]


Texas investor found guilty of tax evasion

An apparent misunderstanding has a Schertz, Texas, real estate investor facing probation after being found guilty of tax evasion in another state. The 73-year-old man owned National Real Estate Traders Inc., which operated in the St. Paul, Minnesota, area for many years. Investigators determined that the man and his wife […]

Tax Evasion

Delaware woman convicted of tax fraud

Being convicted of criminal tax violations is no joke. These types of convictions can lead to serious jail time as well as heavy fines. Such was the case when a federal jury in Texas convicted a Delaware woman of cheating the government out of more than $3 million over a […]

Tax Crimes