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Tax fraud lands Texas woman in prison

A Texas woman recently landed herself in double trouble with the law. First she was found guilty of embezzling funds from her employer, McLean Orthopedics of Nacogdoches, where she worked as an office manager. She was employed there for about 10 years. Then she entered a guilty plea to one […]

Tax Crimes

$2.4 million in tax evasion gets Texas man 30 months

Successful entrepreneurs are gifted at growing a business, but they are not always knowledgeable in how to handle money correctly. That lack of expertise can lead to mistakes and problems with tax authorities. When tax avoidance is discovered, whether it was done by mistake or intentionally, years of hard work […]

Tax Evasion

IRS says time running out for foreign assets disclosure

A recent warning from the IRS is prompting taxpayers to voluntarily admit if they’ve been hiding income in a foreign bank. According to a news report in the Laredo Sun in Texas, new reporting requirements concerning foreign accounts will become a part of tax law over the course of the […]


IRS agents involved in drug arrests

IRS agents working in Fort Worth and throughout our country become involved in many different types of investigations. The underpinning, however, is usually a suspected violation of the Internal Revenue Code. It’s what got Al Capone in trouble in the 1930’s. They couldn’t nail the mobster for bootlegging and other […]

Tax Crimes

Trends in IRS Investigations

Texas IRS Tax Attorney Every year, the Criminal Investigations Division of the IRS sets goals for the number of criminal tax investigations it will complete and the rate of conviction it wants to achieve. In recent years, the IRS has stepped up its enforcement efforts, driven by policies that emphasize […]