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IRS Interest and Penalties: 2024 Update

Failing to file all necessary returns and pay all federal taxes when due can expose U.S. taxpayers to interest and penalties. This includes not only civil penalties but also criminal penalties in some cases. Interest and civil penalties begin to accrue immediately upon noncompliance, while criminal penalties can result from […]


What Business Owners Need to Know About the Employee Retention Credit Voluntary Disclosure Program (ERC VDP)

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently launched its highly anticipated Employee Retention Credit Voluntary Disclosure Program (ERC VDP). Under the ERC VDP, eligible businesses can resolve improper ERC claims without liability for interest or penalties. However, filing under the ERC VDP can be risky, and it isn’t the best option […]

Offshore Accounts/International Tax Disputes

Do I Need to File an FBAR for FY 2023 (and What Happens If I Don’t)?

Taxpayers that own (or control) offshore bank accounts and other foreign financial assets have a duty to report these assets to the federal government annually. While there are minimum thresholds for taxpayers’ reporting obligations, these thresholds are fairly low—so most high-income and high-net-worth taxpayers will need to comply. Typically, this […]