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Do I Need to File an FBAR for FY 2023 (and What Happens If I Don’t)?

Taxpayers that own (or control) offshore bank accounts and other foreign financial assets have a duty to report these assets to the federal government annually. While there are minimum thresholds for taxpayers’ reporting obligations, these thresholds are fairly low—so most high-income and high-net-worth taxpayers will need to comply. Typically, this […]


I Received a Letter from IRS Criminal Investigation (IRS CI). What Now?

IRS Criminal Investigation (IRS CI) conducts inquiries targeting a wide range of both tax-related and non-tax-related offenses—and these inquiries can present substantial risks for high-asset and high-income taxpayers. This includes not only the risk of substantial liability for back taxes, interest and fines, but also the risk of federal incarceration. […]