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College students and taxes: Avoid this common mistake

College students are making the most of the gig economy. The ability to sell stuff on Etsy or E-bay or make some extra cash using their vehicle with Uber or Lyft. Although these side gigs can result in some serious side income, they also can make tax obligations more difficult […]


Self-employed? First quarterly tax payment due April 15, 2019.

Tax Day signifies a payment due date for more than just individual’s income tax returns. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also expects payment of the first quarterly tax payment for 2019 on April 15.  What are quarterly tax payments? The IRS often requires quarterly tax payments for taxpayers who do not […]


Local tax preparer’s office shut down by feds

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) continues to crackdown on tax preparation fraud. The government takes the threat so seriously that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has listed return preparer fraud as one of its Dirty Dozen Tax Scams. What is the most recent case? The DOJ recently filed a case against […]


IRS changes rules for tax penalties

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently expanded the penalty relief for taxpayers who owe taxes for the 2018 tax year. In the past, the agency would charge a penalty on taxpayers who failed to pay at least 90 percent of their tax obligation during the tax year. Employers generally take […]


Tax surprises: Options for an unmanageable bill

Recent data shows that only 16 percent of United States taxpayers adjusted their withholdings after the new tax law passed. Without a change to one’s withholding status, taxpayers could find themselves facing an unexpected tax bill this tax season. Two options for taxpayers struggling with their tax bill: Installment plan […]


4 FAQs on the IRS whistleblower program

Whistleblowers who inform the IRS about noncompliant tax behavior by others are eligible for financial awards in certain circumstances. In most cases, the taxpayer in question is the whistleblower’s employer. The IRS operates a program that makes the awards. In this post, we’ll address common questions about the program. What […]

Tax Controversy 

Own foreign assets? Tips to protect your investment.

We live in a world where global investments are common. Flights can get us from country to country in a matter of hours. This ability to travel has resulted in the ability to become global citizens — putting large quantities of time and money in different countries. United States citizens that choose […]