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FAQs about IRS taking away passports

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recently reminded taxpayers with outstanding tax debt what is at risk. More specifically: their passports. A failure to pay off tax debt can result in the loss of the taxpayer’s passport. How can the IRS take away a taxpayer’s passport? The federal agency was granted this […]


IRS accuses four of tax crime based on FATCA violation

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a tool the government uses to help better ensure United States citizens comply with tax obligations. This law requires foreign financial institutions to report information about United States customers to the U.S. government. Under this law, a foreign bank must report any […]

Tax Evasion

Everything’s bigger in TX, including the property tax bill

Texan’s are proud people, and rightfully so. The Lone Star State offers everything from world-class rough and tumble football and rodeos to delicate bluebonnets and everything in between. These are just a few of the reasons the state is known for an “everything’s bigger in Texas” mentality. Although generally a […]


Criminal Tax

Criminal Tax Case Against Texas Board-Certified Attorney Dismissed: We were hired during the late stages of a criminal tax investigation targeting an attorney certified in real estate law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. By the time we were hired, the IRS had completed its investigation and had recommended […]

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IRS Audits/Civil Tax Controversies

No Change Determination In IRS Audit Of Miniature Horse Business: We were hired to represent the owner of a miniature horse business during an IRS audit. The IRS took the position that the operation was a hobby rather than a business and that a large refund, claimed by the taxpayer, […]

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Tax Planning

Advised Corporate Executives Regarding Tax Efficient Compensation Packages And Tax Efficient Exercise Of Options :We have helped executive level employees at public and privately held companies obtain the most tax efficient compensation packages possible and exercise options in the most tax efficient manner possible. Advised Technology Company Founders On Most […]

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Trusts, Estates And Asset Protection

Established Comprehensive Trust, Estate And Asset Protection Strategies For A Software Company Founder Following Liquidity Event: A software company founder sold half of his company to a private equity firm for an eight-figure sum. We outlined for the founder a variety of strategies to protect assets from creditors and minimize […]

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