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May 7, 2021


Tax preparer pleads not guilty to fraud charges

Being a tax preparer is not an easy job. The amount of knowledge that goes into filing returns correctly means constantly staying on top of any law changes that could affect how someone files his or her taxes. Additionally, preparers face expectations from clients who believe that they should get the best outcome possible and who are all too ready to accuse a tax preparer of doing a bad job if the client owes a significant amount. Unfortunately, on top of having an already difficult job, preparers could also face investigations and criminal charges from the IRS if fraud is suspected.

Texas readers may be interested in such a situation that recently affected a tax preparer in another state. According to reports, the 37-year-old woman was indicated on multiple counts of fraudulent activity relating to the preparation and filing of tax returns. The accusations included aiding and assisting with the preparation of false and fraudulent returns and failure to file an income tax return. The latter charge allegedly stems from her failure to file her personal tax return in 2015.

The exact fraudulent actions that the woman purportedly carried out include claiming falsified deductions, such as:

  • Tax preparation fees
  • Unreimbursed business costs
  • Contributions to charitable organizations

The woman entered a not-guilty plea at her court appearance, and after making a bond, she was released from custody. Unfortunately, accusations of tax fraud can have serious consequences if she or any Texas tax preparer facing similar charges faces a conviction. As a result, it is wise to understand one’s criminal defense options when handling this type of ordeal.

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